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Who We Are

EDLYNCARE is one of Delaware's leading skilled Home Health Care Agencies, currently serving the New Castle and Kent counties.  



EDLYNCARE was established with a focus on ensuring that our clients continue to receive a family oriented

care in the absence of direct family members, hence the slogan "Your Surrogate Family". We ensure our clients

feel safe, loved, secured, and cared for at all times.




We accept all major insurance types in Delaware, as well as Medicaid and private payment. 




Why choose EDLYNCARE?

Wondering why you should permit EDLYNCARE to provide home health care services to your loved ones or member? Here are the reasons why ...



  • We give you our triple 'P' package - i.e. a Professional, Personalized &  'Phamily-oriented' care. Some agencies give you just the basic care... others simply go by the book and try to act professionally without any form of passion....

But with EDLYNCARE, we add a Professional touch to the Personalized care we give you, in a 'Phamily-oriented'  setting. You really beat that!



  • We are licensed by the State of Delaware to provide skilled home health care services.


  • We are insured and bonded.


  • Our employees are well trained at what they do.


  • Our employees undergo a thorough hiring process which includes;

    • Extensive Interviewing Process

    • Drug Screening

    • Tuberculosis Screening

    • Physical Examination

    • Criminal Background Checks (via fingerprinting)

    •         Reference Checks


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